Ways To Optimize PC[Beginner’s Guide] [Part-II]

Lets Continue our previous article,that I started on PC optimization. In this article I am gonna talk about some more tweaks to make your PC faster than your thoughts, So lets Start….

1. Turn Off the  Indexing-:

Windows Machines keeps the record of the files that are stored on the hard drive so when you make you make a search, it is giving fast response. But as said, any thing can’t be perfect, like that this thing have one downside too. Because of this the computer indexes all the files and folders stored on the hard drive, it results slower down the normal file commands such as opening a file, closing a file, saving a file etc. If you don’t make such heavy searches on your hard drive or if you do not make complete search on your hard drive, you can turn off this feature, that really helps to improve  performance of hard drive.
My Computer/Computer->Right-click on Hard drive icons-> Click properties-> In the end there is an option “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties” -> uncheck that -> click “OK” -> A new window will pop-up -> select Apply to all folders and sub folders. -> click OK
-> Like this make this operation in every Hard Drive partition
– This process will take a minute or two for the changes to take affect.

2. Disabling the Unwanted Services to Speed up Windows :

I have seen many times, people install various softwares and they never use them again or rarely use. This lessen down the speed of a computer. From these, some software may use services, that is by default starts when a windows machiDisabling servicesne boots.
For Example: VMware [A visualization software to use different platform OS in one platform ] . While installing any OS in Vmware, it asks some RAM, Hard Disk and processor, to allot to the secondary OS. that space, RAM is taken from the PC, where you are installing Vmware. So even after closing the virtual machine , Vmware services are by default on in the windows machine. For that of problem, the solution is to disable the unwanted services to speed up windows machine..
Start Task manager-> Services -> Services -> Select service name -> Right Click properties-> Startup type -> Change it to “Manual”[If you want to start the service manually]  or “Disabled” [you can enable this again]..-> “OK”
Stop the services whatever are not required , or that are taking more memory….

3.Disable the Windows 7 Sidebar:

  1. Right click on sidebar -> select ” Properties “.
  2. On the properties – UnCheck ” Start sidebar when Windows Starts “
  3. After that , windows Sidebar a.k.a Gadgets will not start on next start up.

If you disable the window vista/7 sidebar is definitely going to help to to make faster the start up time.

So that’s all for today, in my upcoming articles I will be talking about some more tweaks.
Stay tuned.. keep Visiting 🙂

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