Ways To Optimize PC [Beginner’s Guide] [Part- I]

Hello all, This is my first article on Technical Tip. So, I thought to start with some thing that can helpful for someone who is new to PC and who is not aware about it. I have seen at many times, that people are suffering from PC speed. They complain that their PC getting hanged.

So in this series of articles i will be talking about tips for PC optimization, the beginner’s guide

PC stands for Personal Computer. Most probably people use Windows© operating system for for their personal machine. In this article, I am going to write about some different methods and tricks that I always use to increase the PC performance. By following these few  guidelines, you can increase your PC speed, and  keep it running smoothly. If you follow this article this will be very helpful for you. you can use some of further tricks to make your PC faster performance . Hope it will be helpful for you. So lets start..

Remove temporary files:

Windows© PC can store temporary files while browsing Internet and also when you work on some computer programs.  These files lessen the computer’s performance. For that we need to clean that files.

Step-I: In Windows XP ©:Click Start button -> then click RUN

In Windows Vista/ 7 © : Click Start Button -> Search For RUN

Open Run


Step-II: Open Run and open temp folder: You can Open by pressing “Win + R” Key. -> then Type “%temp%”- [this step is    used to open temporary files folder.]   Just Delete all the temporary files from that folder by using Shift + Del Key


Open Run and Type %temp% to open temporary files folderdelete all temporary files


Windows Cleanup Tool:

Also, we  can use a tool Windows Disk Cleanup tool to get rid your computer of these not useful files and to help your PC run faster. It is a inbuilt tool which deletes. Unnecessary files of your computer.

Delete programs you use very rarely.

If you purchase a system, you get some new programs, that you don’t know about or or that are not useful for you. These programs takes space in your hard drive and your computer might slow  down by using precious memory, disk space, and processing power by these useless programs. So it is better to uninstall these programs to optimize your PC, by uninstall a program option. It will improve your PC speed.

Limit Start up  programs

Many of the software are designed as that way, that it automatically starts, when window starts. Software developers often set that their programs to open in the background, where you are not able to see them running, Or Some other programs also which runs in the background and takes away your memory space and slower down PC speed. So for that you need to limit your startup.

Step I : Open RUN [Win + R key]
Step II: Type “msconfig” [without quotes]
Step III: In Startup Tab-> Uncheck the programs which you don’t wants to load at startup and press OK.
Step IV: Restart the computer to apply these settings.

Delete Browsing History

While browsing internet, your browser makes some temporary Internet files, and browsing history, cookies . If you delete them, it will be helpful for you to increase speed.

In Internet Explorer: Settings -> Internet Options -> General -> Browsing history -> delete -> OK

In Mozilla Firefox: Options -> Advanced-> Network -> Offline Storage -> Clear now -> OK                  and in older versions of Mozilla Firefox-> tools-> Clear Privacy Data -> Select all-> Clear Now -> OK


That’s All for this article in next part I will be talking about some other tweaks and tricks to optimize a windows PC.

Stay tuned, Keep Reading 🙂





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