How to Uninstall Oracle 11g From Windos 7

Installing Oracle 11g  is not a tough Job but when it comes to uninstalling Oracle, its a very tedious Job for the People who are not well aware of the internal Process of the Computers.

Here are the few Simple Steps you need to follow when you want to completely uninstall  Oracle 11g from windows 7.


 1) First of all you need to Stop all the services related to Oracle Software ,For Stopping the services in Windows 7 follow the guidelines.. Click on Start Menu—>Click on Control Panel —> Administrative Tools—>and Finally Click on Services…as soon as you click on Services a Window will be opened and you will see all the list of services which are installed in your System/Computer.

2) Now its time to stop the services just  find out the Names which are  ServicesPrefixed  by Orac  and stop the Services if they are Enable, by Clicking on the Stop link which will be showed on the left hand side panel of services Window, when you will select any of the services for Example (OracleServiceORACLE_SID,OracleDBConsoleOracle_SID, OracleOraDB11g_homeTNSListener, OracleMTSRecoveryService, OracleJobSchedulerOracle_SID, etc..)

3) After stopping the services now its time to move on to the Registry Editor. For going there follow these guidelines….Click on Start Menu—->and type” regedit in the bottom most text area search programs and files  you will see the regedit.exe result.. just Click on it, a Prompt window will open asking Do you want to allow this Program to make changes to this Computer? just click on “Yes“…. the regedit Window will be opened.

4)  Now its time to delete the References from the Registry Editor..

Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. —>Click on Software … Select Oracle Folder and  Delete it completely. Now go  to- “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services” and remove oracle related  entries from there (All the entries related to Oracle will be  either Prefix by Oracle or Ora.). Be careful while removing the Oracle Folder From Right Pane.

5)  Now if you have set any “Environment Variable Path” Remove it (optional). For removing the Environment Variable path Right Click on My Computer Icon—>Click on Properties—>Click on Advanced System settings—>select Advanced tab —>and finally Click on Environment Variable Button at the Bottom of the System Properties Window and Select Oracle Path and Click on Delete.

6) Now delete the Database Files/Oracle folder  Manually from your Windows Drive where Oracle is installed , while deleting these file if you get any error… Just Rename the bin folder  i.e. present within the database files/Oracle folder with some other name  [such as bin1 ] or any other and again restart your system and then try to delete it will be deleted …
Yupiee now you have Successfully uninstalled your oracle from windows 7 …

The main reason behind writing this post was to help people who are facing difficulty regarding such simple issues Hope you like this post and it worked fine for you.  You can follow me on WorldOfJainism .

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